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Hi I am Cindy!

Hello there! I'm the proud owner of Cindy's K9 Treats. I am overjoyed you are here, looking to make a healthy change for you beloved pets! Read below on why and how we came up with Cindy's K9 and about our homemade treats!

Cindy smiling and leaning on her blue KitchenAid Mixer
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Cindy sitting on the couch with her dogs.

Here at Cindy's K9 Treats, our mission is simple: to create healthy, delicious, and natural dog treats that pups love.

It all began when one of our own pups grew an intolerance to some of the store-bought treats. This planted the seed and pushed us to explore homemade options. With the guidance of our local vet, we crafted recipes using human-grade ingredients and received glowing reviews from family and friends' dogs.

Seeing the joy our treats brought, we decided to share them with the world. Every treat is baked and packaged in our home in Rapid City, SD, using only the freshest ingredients from local partners. No preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors – just pure goodness. We care about what goes into each treat and go the extra mile to make everything from scratch, even our peanut butter.

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