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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick up your dog treats?

We are a home based business and do not have a storefront. I do take online orders and can have those ready for pick up within 48-72 hours. If you need treats today, there is a list of places that carry my treats here.


How much are personalized dog treats?

There is no extra charge for a personalized dog treat. Please be sure to provide your dog's name when completing your order.

Are your treats and cakes edible for humans as well?

My treats and cakes are made with human grade ingredients, so it will not hurt you to eat them. However, they are not very palatable for us humans, since we are used to eating sugar and salt in our food, and these are 2 ingredients I do not add to my dog treats or pup cakes. 


How many treats come in a bag?

Currently our treats come in a 5 ounce bag. There are approximately 35-40 treats per bag, depending on the treats.  Training Treats are much smaller than our other treats, so we are able to fit more of those into

a 5 ounce bag. 


How long do your treats last?

Cakes should be consumed within 1 week.

Can you make a Gender Reveal cake? 

Yes! I have had the honor of making these cakes before! When you place your order please let me know what day you would like you cake (please allow at least 48 hours for orders).

Do you deliver?

Yes, we provide delivery within Rapid City Limits. Please note that my delivery times are Fridays between 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. 

I am with a local


Would you donate to our fundraiser?

I absolutely love to help non-profits. Please reach out to me at


What size are your Pupcakes?

My pupcakes come in a traditional cupcake size, a 4 inch cake (about the size of your palm) and a 6 inch cake (about the size of a dessert plate)

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