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Explore our handcrafted canine delights

Your dog deserves the freshest locally sourced natural ingredients. These healthy homemade dog treats are blended together by hand in Rapid City, South Dakota.


We exclusively utilize premium ingredients for our products

We go above and beyond to ensure that every ingredient used in our products undergoes thorough research and receives approval from trusted veterinarians. Rest assured that when you choose our products, you are providing your beloved pet with the absolute best ingredients for optimal health and nutrition.

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Don't miss out on our exclusive monthly flavors! 

Attention Dog Lovers! While we offer a total of 10 delicious flavors of dog treats, each month we feature only 2 exclusive flavors, rotating them regularly. If your furry friend has a favorite flavor, make sure to stock up while it's available, as it may be several months before we release it again. Don't miss out on treating your pup to their favorite taste sensation

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Try Cindy's K9 Treats risk-free. If your dog doesn't love it we will exchange your treat for a different flavor at no extra charge.

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