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Indulge Your Furry Friends with Festive Delights from Cindy's K9 Treats!

Discover Cindy's K9 Treats' irresistible holiday-themed treat boxes, specially crafted to bring joy and flavor to your beloved four-legged companions. We make our homemade holiday boxes in limited quantities and are available for pre-order.


What's Included in our Holiday Boxes?

The Holiday Gift Boxes include:  

  •  10 ounces of dog biscuits in a reusable container.  

  • 5 ounces of themed decorated cookies 

  • 2 big dog cookies personalized with your dog's name.

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Make Every Holiday Season Unforgettable for your Furry Friend 

Make every holiday season unforgettable for your furry friend with Cindy's K9 Treats' holiday-themed treat boxes. Our handcrafted, flavorful creations are made with love and are sure to bring joy to your beloved canine companion. Whether it's Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or Thanksgiving, our themed boxes will add an extra touch of festivity to your pet's celebrations.

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